92142-InsidePut aside the usual pigeonholes, things like style and genre classifications it takes much more for a band to really make a personal connection with people. TROUBLEMAN understand this. The Newark, NJ based trio have made that direct musical connection in each of the thousands of shows they have played, although only two years old “TROUBLEMAN” is formed by three guys who have been playing together in and out of bands since the early 90’s.

This is a professional approach for three guys who take themselves seriously about their work, Fabio Guerreiro (bass, vocals);Pedro Lourenco (guitar, vocals); Carlos Ferreira (guitar, vocals) have played for bands such as Peals, Point 4 Hope, Duck, fuse rock, reggae, ska and funk that rewrites urban music all over. Now, is an exciting time for the Band, who together have recorded a studio record and have surrounded themselves with young artists to once again reborn the Newark music scene. Troubleman plan on performing as much as they can during the summer of 2015 to promote their self tittle album.

SOURCE: Official Bio