Unfulfilled Fate is a two-man band. The idea behind Unfulfilled Fate is that when you are young your dreams are world changing, monstrous in scope, and for the most part, impossible. As you gain knowledge the dream of your youth just seem to die away or just get scaled down to something more attainable. Hense what you think your Fate is while you’re young remains Unfulfilled in life.

I, James, live in Nebraska. I’m from Missouri and am here because of a job. Like just about everyone else I have to work a regular job to make ends meet. I contribute guitar, bass, keyboards, lyrics, and yes vocals. I do not believe I’m particularly good at singing but there’s no one else to do it… Sorry about that.

David, the drummer, lives in Tennessee. Where because of degenerative disc disease in his back he struggles every day with pain and the constant threat of another surgery. I am totally amazed that he can pull off the drumming he does. He contributes drums, lyrics, and guitar ideas.

SOURCE: Official Bio