With the blood and glitter of 70’s Glam Rock, V Sparks have burst through with a sound and attitude sure to steal your attention. The Chicago based band consists of Alan Lewis(Lead Vocalist and Keys), guitar virtuoso Prescott Kagan(Guitar and Vocals), Sam Libretti(Bass) and Adam Long(Drums), Zach Duran(Guitar) and Paul Wierdak on Keys. Drawing from past luminaries as David Bowie, T.Rex, The Beatles and ELO to modern acts as The Arcade Fire, The Strokes and Vampire Weekend they have brought to pass a contemporary glitzy mess of rock that you can’t help identify with and feel good about.

Having played with such big-name acts as The New York Dolls, Ok-Go, VHS or Beta, and Dot Dot Dot, V Sparks consistently entertain and engage their audiences with eclectic pizazz and unfailing precision. They have performed at well respected Chicago stages the likes of The Double Door, The Metro and The Bottom Lounge(to name a few). Equally as solid is the 2007 self-titled debut album. With standout tracks “Red Love Suicide”, “The Glitter End” and “Making Friends”, V Sparks proves that they can deliver the goods in the studio as well.

Beautifully melding glitzy glam, good old fashioned Rock ‘N Roll with orchestration and pop sensibilities uncommon in today’s music. These guys just may be the modern-day answer to the genius of great music past.

SOURCE: Official Bio