Vanderlyle came to be in late 2016 when four Philadelphia friends came together in pursuit of their passion for music and live performance. Leading with vocals and piano as well as doubling as one of the band’s producers is Matt Fell followed by Alex DeLuccia on guitar and vocals, Niko Metricarti on drums, John Wiater on guitar, and Christian DeLuccia on bass complete the lineup.

As Matt himself puts it “I wanted to be a part of a collective group that got to express themselves with their art form.”

Encompassing the dream Matt had since middle school, Vanderlyle is the fruition of what he aimed for. All of the members play an imperative part of creating songs and over the course of the past year, that’s exactly what they did.

In April of 2017, after playing a show the band was approached by producer Matt Weber who heard the potential in their sound. Soon after their meeting Vanderlyle went on to record 8 songs at Gradwell House Studios, 5 of which are on the EP. Thrilled with the overall sound and working with someone who enabled the band to grow, the guys will be working hand in hand with Weber again for their upcoming full-length album.

SOURCE: Official Bio