Weather Making
Weather Making

With the release of their full length album Weather Making, We Arsons brings an alternative feel to indie folk to create its own aesthetic all together. Lush with classic folk vocal melody, layered acoustic and electric guitar work, piano, and harmonica, the album reaches into a classic rock realm at times but keeps its Americana roots at all times. Though the songs are diverse in themselves, there is a glue that keeps it all consistent, and all this without ever losing the emotional platform great songs are built from.

The first single “On A Wave” an up beat indie Americana song with its own edge. Complete with rolling snares, catchy addicting choruses, and an athemic feel, the song gives the exactly feeling it was meant to.

“On A Wave gives a feeling thats surrealistically free, weightless; being carried by something innately joyous and magical in energy; carried by love. Being a diverse track with many sections, it hints at all the themes present within the rest of the album. It brings together different styles we’re feeding off of/trying to blend” explains song writer Mike Ballan of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to really get a good understanding of where We Arsons is coming from, the record should be heard in full. Songs connect, build into each other, and becoming fluent in their entirety. Songs like “Time Taker” gives off an addicting hook right from the start and becomes a darker classic rock that grows as it plays on.

“The goal of each song (and a major theme in the album) was trying to create soundscapes around the song; little worlds to burrow and hibernate and lose yourself in. We think these are (two) of the tracks that were most effective in accomplishing this. As well as representing musical themes we as a band strive for (heavy, acoustical rhythms/melodies, alternative rock walls, surrounded by ethereal sounds and aesthetics (mainly accomplished through keyboards), lyrics properly timed as to accentuate different sections of the song, all of which, for us, summate a good song and successful recording).” says the band about their album release.

Mike Ballan had been writing songs from a very young age and began taking more seriously since his college days at UC Santa Cruz. After moving to San Francisco, he met Tim Vickers and Rob Mills. They began playing together until deciding to start recording an album. At that point they brought in Greg Harty to accompany the recording, and he’s been a part of the band ever since. In essence, it was this album that helped focus the band and make them a cohesive unit.

The Weather Making album is available on most digital outlets for download and the band plans of a small tour for later this year following this release.