Guitarist and songwriter Wes Hampson have been a self-taught musician since he first sat behind a drum kit at the age of 13. Growing up in a small town in northern Illinois with not much else to do, Hampson spent most of his time jamming to bands like Zeppelin, and System of A Down and Smashing Pumpkins. At 16 he picked up bass after hearing Nirvana’s legendary Nevermind album.

Falling in love with bassist Krist Novoselic’s playing, he focused on the bass for quite some time. It wasn’t long after that he started coming up with his own ideas for songs. Grabbing an acoustic guitar at the age of 18, things began to fall into place quickly. The Uncertainly album was recorded and produced by Hampson himself before relocating to Seattle where the 24-year-old now resides. The multi-instrumentalist uses his music as an outlet for his emotions as an experiment to see where he can take his musical ability.

SOURCE: Official Bio