The beginning of Worth The Struggle was pretty simple. It all started with brothers Zach Segroves and Zane Segroves, and their cousin Connor McDaniel. The three of them had two common interests, God, and music. Three young men so passionate, they had to rock out, they had to sing, they had to make music. Thus Worth The Struggle was born. At first, it was just an excuse for three guys to come together and express themselves through music. It wasn’t enough. The three of them only grew more passionate through their time together.

They had to share their music, and they had to tell as many people as possible about what Jesus Christ did for them. They started playing shows around their hometown of Murfreesboro Tennessee. It didn’t take them too many shows to realize that Zane on guitar, Zach on drums, and Connor on vocals wasn’t enough. They needed somebody to slap the bass. They searched and searched and searched and finally found a like-minded musician named Christopher Lamb. That is how Worth The Struggle became what it is today.

Not too long after meeting Christopher Lamb, the band decided to release their debut single Golden Rules. When asked about the meaning of the song frontman Connor McDaniel replied by saying “I wrote the song after a co-worker attempted to give me a piece of advice. the conversation was a bit longer than this, but what he was trying to get across as if I was going to get ahead in life I was going to have to learn to step on some folks. My mind went straight to Matthew 7:12, and how it seemed like the world has abandoned that principle in the name of self-interest, but I personally believe in the principle of treating others the way that you would want to be treated. I believe that the best way to get ahead in life is through love.”

Basically, that is what Worth The Struggle is. Just four guys passionate about music, who similar to Jake, and Elwood Blues, wholeheartedly believe “they are on a mission from God”.

SOURCE: Official Bio