92134-Look_At_Me_(album_cover)Singer/Songwriter Zarko made his debut on international scene in 2013, with “Chasing Dreams”, album produced in partnership with Tate Music Group, a label from Oklahoma.

As a traveling songwriter, Zarko performed with various bands and received several songwriting awards. Fame Music song contest award in 2013 granted him prestigious audio production scholarship at SAE Institute.

Zarko continues to write and release songs in 2014 with the single “Rainbow”, energy driven modern Rock track.

Influenced by the music of such songwriters as John Lennon, Jackson Browne, Neil Young and the likes of John Mayer, Zarko blends it into a new sound on his 2015 single release “Look At Me”, introspective and intimate song.

Zarko is known for very energetic live performances and finger-picking guitar technique.

The love for the music was discovered at young age and Zarko started classical guitar education when he was 10 years old. Learning classical guitar and flamenco was soon replaced with songwriting and Zarko continued his musical journey working on his original music. The passion for rock and roll led him to various bands and opportunities. After his very first demo tracks grabbed the attention of local radio stations, Zarko decided to try his luck as a solo performer.

Along with music, Zarko has a passion for film-making. Studied a film school and had several years of experience in Video Editing and Directing of music videos, documentaries and shorts. In 2014 he founded Izum, a company dedicated to video & audio production.

SOURCE: Official Bio