Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie presents a special about the best in independent music. We all know that 2020 wasn’t the best of years and we’ve all had to endure isolation physically and mentally. But we must highlight those wonderful bright sides of this year with this presentation of great music. And, while we consider everyone we cover and present to the masses as excellent examples of the best in #indie we also had to keep this showdown to around 90 minutes. Enjoy!

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Artists Featured

Live @Home Concert Series

Live @Home is a new chapter in discovering music, with artists performing straight from their homes into fans Homes new and old. Going through Jammer Direct’s multiple streaming platforms via PC/Mac, Mobile, Tablet, Radio, and Television in true HD and Dolby Digital surround sound that reaches a worldwide audience.

With concerts, events, festivals, and concerts effectively canceled for the near future, even after things get back to somewhat normality people will be slow to get back out there. Musicians need a way to reach out with their music, LIVE @HOME is that game-changer that will let recording artists of all genres and levels reach out to fans along with gaining new ones.

Watch the concerts HERE.

R.A. The Rugged Man

R.A. The Rugged Man is one of those artists who remains humble despite having a career that has not only spanned decades but has crossed genres and included the likes of Ice-T, Ghostface Killah, Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, and many others as well as spanning music and film. But what really impresses me is that he remains both humbled and grateful for what he has worked for. And that, to me, is the mark of a true artist. Someone who not only remembers his roots but holds on to them with reverence.

And it is that reverence that shines throughout his latest album titled ‘All My Heroes Are Dead’ released April 17, 2020, via Nature Sounds Records.

In this interview, we talk with R.A. about his beginnings as well as the new album and how it further advances his evolution of revolution that is his music and much, much more. Check out the album below!

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#Indie Allstars

he Covid19 pandemic has proved how essential they are and funding cuts need to be addressed. Stoke-on-Trent DJ, Terry Bossons wanted to thank them by the power of music. The rainbow has been the symbol of the NHS, so the song ‘Chasing Rainbows’ by Shed Seven is a fitting tribute. Terry asked Rick Witter of Shed Seven to get involved with the video project and without hesitation, he jumped onboard.

Next, a crescendo of indie music royalty joined the fold: Nigel Clark and Matthew Priest (Dodgy), Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets), Gary Powell (The Libertines), John Power (Cast), Keith Mullin (The Farm), Chris Helme (Seahorses), Dave McCabe (The Zutons), Alan McGee (Creation Records), Baz (The Fratellis), Ryan & Jack Dooley (All The Young), Alfie (Holloways), Matt Bowman (Pigeon Detectives), Johnny Dean (Menswear), Leon Meya (Northern Uproar), James McColl (The Supernaturals), Rikki Turner (Paris Angels), Billy Bibby (Catfish and the Bottlemen) teamed up with radio royalty Mark Radcliffe and Eddy Temple-Morris (plus a few surprise guests) to make this happen in just seven days.

To donate to the UHNM (University Hospitals of The North Midlands Charity) to fund equipment, facilities and research to enhance the care of patients in the hospital please click HERE.


Prof has dropped his new video for the single titled ‘Squad Goals’. This has got to be the most original and interesting video I have seen this year, by a longshot. I know that’s a hardcore way to start a review, but this video demands that declaration. I mean, Mr. Rogers, PTSD, pill-popping, and more in under four minutes. Try fitting that many lucid subplots together in anything, even involving music.

Having said that, this music is brilliant. Steady. Rhythmic. Staccato. Each deserving itself as a sentence. One thing I like about the Rhymesayers artists is that they bring entertainment and introspective reflection back into music, but now Prof brings the fun.


Diamond Shake

Diamond Shake continues his momentum with the release of the fourth video in his series titled ‘Shake’. Continuing his video partnership with French animator Dominique Bloink, the visualization and integrity of style are maintained with brilliance and the marriage of panache and originality are excelled with the dark beauty of the video and the emotional grit of the song. Almost its own undefinable thing, ‘Shake’ becomes it’s own in such a way that you find out who did what, if you don’t know who this is, just to see who could come up with such a thing. Let this sink into your memory.

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Ethan Gold

Ethan Gold has officially released his new video for the single titled ‘Not Me. Us’. Beginning as a somber anthem the song slowly builds up to the hook with pop-sensibility and a craft only a good songwriter can achieve, ‘Not Me. Us’ gives a poignant reflection on the better qualities of humanity with the craft of a poet and the form of an artist.

‘Not Me.Us’ is out now everywhere digitally, including stores such as Apple Music, and streaming platforms like Spotify.

Lazaris Pit

Lazaris Pit drops their new single titled ‘You Don’t Tag Me in Memes Anymore’ plus the B-Side ‘Cloudsculpting’. This is the perfect ‘capture the band in the moment’ moment. We get that garage-perfect sound with that quirky attitude and tight-yet-loose feeling in the vein of Dinasaur Jr. and the like but all Lazaris Pit in execution and scope.

With ‘Cloudsculpting’ we get the same side of a different coin with an adventurous song climbing to the top with varied guitar chord progressions and a hypnotic varied beat with that lovely feeling of falling apart at the seams while sticking together tightly in that true alt-rock sound at its purest.

‘You Don’t Tag Me In Memes Anymore’ is available everywhere digitally, including Spotifyand Apple Music. The full ‘Coniphers’ album will be released on May 22.


Beauty in Chaos

Beauty in Chaos curator Michael Ciravolo dropped his new album titled ‘The Storm Before the Calm‘ on May 22nd. We have an extensive, entertaining, and exclusive interview on this new album as well as previews of the tracks. If you are not yet a fan, you will see the personality in every track and the scope that the album as a whole delivers sonically. And, if you are already a fan, you will see the beautiful evolution that Beauty in Chaos gives in this latest outing. Either way, the songs command a listen.

And, in this interview, we talk with Michael about this evolution in style, creativity, and emotion as Michael and all involved write another chapter in the book of the beautiful and chaotic in ways one could never have guessed.

Check out more information and content about Beauty in Chaos on Jammerzine HERE.



Dar.Ra has dropped his new single and video titled ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’. Released as a response to these pandemic times, this couldn’t have been a better time for such a reminder as to recognize not only the people that throw themselves in harm’s way but live with those dangers every day that they do this. And Dar encapsulates that sentiment with reverence and respect in a moving video and brilliant song done in a way that one hopes those heroes hear this and feel loved.

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Deleo is set to drop their new single titled ‘Mythomania’ on June 19, 2020. By the first listen it is apparent that Deleo has that certain something where they can show that they’ve not only found their sound; they’ve crafted it. And crafted it in such a way that they are recognizable within those first few precious notes; within the timespan, it takes to grab the attention of even the most casual of listeners.

‘Mythomania’ has that beautiful hook that forces one to hit the quick rewind a few times just to recapture that initial ‘aha’ moment. There is nothing more perfect than to be introduced to a band or artist with such a track.

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Tarah Who?

Tarah Who? officially drop their new video titled ‘Pantomath’. One thing I absolutely love about Tarah Who? is the fact that they clearly evolve from one release to the next. Not just with music but stylistically and visually as well. ‘Pantomath’, as a video, has an almost Tarantino approach to it. But, more-so than that, there is this symbiosis between the song and the video that captures that essence that is not only Tarah Who? but independent music itself, or at least where #indie music should be. And that is a beautiful place to be.

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Bentley Jones

Bentley Jones has just dropped his new video titled ‘I Could Be Your Girl’. Bentley is one of those artists that, when he releases something, I quietly think to myself ‘About time…’. I say this because he is a constantly and truly evolving artist. Each release is somewhat of a reinvention of both the artist and the music. This is just as true with ‘I Could Be Your Girl’.

The video is at times hypnotic and captivating yet gives that sense of solace and yearning. A dark longing for love and romantic closeness in a time of social distancing lending to that certain something we all feel at times, especially these times, in that we all need someone. I hear the words ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ when I first watched this video and now those words have a meaning to me. This is a message to the world that beauty is more than sexual and sultry; it’s something we all have, and by knowing that you can get the deeper meaning of the music.

To me, Bentley is an artist who deserves everything he’s worked for and worked very hard for. Now entering his tenth year as an artist, he is just as fresh and new as ever and it shows.


Ashton Nyte

Ashton Nyte has recently released his album and companion book titled ‘Waiting For A Voice’. This is a wonderful interview, to say the least. More of a conversation, actually. What we get is that voice we’ve all been waiting for. And that voice is the type of voice we need in this day and age. I’m not talking phonetically. I mean spiritually. Musically.

Both the album and book are from the mind of someone who observes and interprets. The songs are the music that sews the heart to the sleeve and the book is a brilliant and compassionate collage of lyrics, poetry, and autobiographical segments. And the result is a medium of solitary substance that, I hope, the listener inherits as much as they ingest.

And what we get today is that deep conversation with Ashton, where we talk about the album and book ‘Waiting For A Voice’ and get in-depth about both an introverted human being giving the world a voice we’ve been needing but also that inspiration that we can use to move forward.

Take a look at what ‘Waiting For A Voice’ is and get a copy HERE.

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Darrel William Herbert

Having his global beginnings with the band The Toadies and continuing that career with Tomorrowpeople, Darrel has also emersed himself in many other aspects of the music world including editing, songwriting, and scoring. Chances are you have heard his work even if you’re not a music listener.

And now we have an in-depth interview with Darrel about his beginnings, his gear, his adjustment to the lockdown and, most importantly, his debut solo album titled ‘An Unwelcome Moment of Clarity’, out October 9th as well as his new video, out today, titled ‘If you Still Believe’.

Unsigned artists around the world; heads up. This is how you diversify in the music industry and gain street cred. Just take a look and listen to this taster of things to come with this new video and song. Darrel is a true songwriter with a penchant for tone and respect for music as an art.


Karolina Rose

Karolina Rose today premieres her new EP titled ‘Rosemary’ right here on Jammerzine. From the first track, ‘Greytopia’, you get that sense of not only accomplishment but an enthusiasm for the music by the artist herself. This is very important, in my opinion, because that accomplishment and enthusiasm translate into stellar music by an accomplished artist that loves music herself. Karolina is as much a music fan as she is a musician and it shows in every track.

You can also say that each song has not only its own personality but its own set of unique hooks that set each track apart while keeping them together as a collective. Together in sound and individual in scope and breadth makes ‘Rosemary’ an EP you wish was an album.


Keep Shelly in Athens

Keep Shelly in Athens has released their video for the track titled ‘Neon Glare’ from their upcoming album ‘Defy Me’ out on November 12.

With hints of Bowie, M83, and many other ethereal artists in their own piece of the stratosphere, Keep Shelly in Athens gives but a glimpse of things to come with a preview of their own lucid dreamscape that is as beautiful as it is dark and brooding.

This is originality at its deepest.


Wayne Hussey & ReMission International

We have an exclusive interview with ReMission International founder Wayne Hussey (The Mission, Sisters of Mercy) about the new multi-charity single and video called TOS2020 (Tower of Strength 2020). Began on the foundation on The Mission’s 1988 song of the same name from the album ‘Children’, we get a new take for a new time with a literal army of artists (list below).

In this interview, we hear from Wayne about the beginnings of the TOS2020 project as well as the inner workings and how the charities were selected and how each artist not only left their mark but a piece of their heart by not only helping but helping to direct the charity as a project and giving these valued charities a much-needed spotlight and more with their names and their hearts.

The song in every form of its glories is out now with the purchase links below.

Full artist video https://youtu.be/VE1I6q-s6Vo
Stream and order TOS2020  https://remissioninternational.lnk.to/tos2020
UK physical orders http://themissionukband.com
USA physical orders https://www.beautyinchaosmusic.com/tos2020

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Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with rap pioneer Sa-Roc. This, to me, is one of those interviews that is a privilege to be a part of for the simple fact that talking with Sa-Roc becomes one of those situations where you walk away all the better because you learn something. For one, you learn that becoming famous, much less good doing what you want to do is more than just realizing the dream, its hard work and commitment.

Sa-Roc is the epitome of that and more. She took a vision and learned all of the logistics necessary to achieve and sustain that vision and she did that while finding her own voice. We learn that and more in this interview.

We also learn about her new upcoming album titled ‘The Sharecropper’s Daughter’, which releases on October 2nd. The album is 15 tracks of insight documenting renaissance, revolution, and revelation. We are living in the perfect age for this album.


Miss Cantaloupe

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Miss Cantaloupe front-woman Christina Klaproth, aka Princess. What I love, because I was pleasantly surprised, about this interview is the sheer and vivid imagination behind this band of visual virtuosos is the lush and clear world created around the music of Miss Cantaloupe. It’s, how should I say, Cantaloupian.

And, with that said, you too can get a glimpse of this and the music with this exclusive interview with Christina where she discusses the minds behind the music, the vision, the new and upcoming music, and how it all comes together.

We also get a first look at Miss Cantaloupe’s new video for the track titled ‘Sunshine Daydream’. Filmed before the lockdown, ‘Sunshine Daydream’ shows how things will be again with a bright and beautiful travelogue that fits the gorgeous and wonderfully personal video that captures that easygoing and forward-reaching music that is Miss Cantaloupe with a broad array of musical instruments underlying and surrounding that angelic vocal track that is signature.


John Dhali

John Dhali releases his new video for the track titled ‘In Time’. an upbeat video in a downtrodden time, John Dhali lightens the mood with a beacon of hope and harmony with his new song ‘In Time’. Visually, what I get at first look is that a mask can’t hide the heart and a pandemic can’t suppress the soul. And that soul sings with the glee of the moment and the movement of the momentum created by the drive of a musician representing this new decade of individual beauty.


Salem’s Childe

Salem’s Childe has officially done a Jammerzine exclusive interview! And why I announced it in that way and am so excited about this particular interview is the fact that I know these guys personally and have even been in bands with one of them. Salem’s Childe is a band that I have followed from the inception. And one thing I can vouch for above all else is this is a band that is going about its musical career path on its own terms. And you will hear some of that in this interview.

One thing I must say before you listen is that, because I know these guys, this is more of a conversation than an interview. Sometimes that happens. But, I feel that is a good thing because we cover a lot of ground about Salem’s Childe but, unlike most interviews, we get to know about the minds behind the music as people. And these are good people. You will get to know a little more about why Salem’s Childe is the band that they are.

The new album by Salem’s Childe titled ‘The Sin That Saves You’ will release on October 9, 2020, via Pavement Entertainment.


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