1. F R E Q U E N C Y David Givens 3:10

Vocalist and songwriter David Givens is a natural creative force and a boundary-pushing Pop/R&B/EDM artist. Gifted with a unique and versatile talent, David makes fun, engaging original music unlike anyone else on the scene. He began singing and writing as a child and began his life as a pro in 2015. He deftly blends the Southern Gospel influence he gained growing up in Green Pond, South Carolina with his Trinidadian roots and 21st Century pop skills into music that is his and his alone.

David is an intriguing and compelling performer with positive energy inspired by legends like Prince, Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, Robyn, Peter Gabriel, and James Ingram as well as anime, video games, literature, and pop culture. He’s truly a man of the modern moment whose main goal is creating fresh experiences for his audiences and motivating others like himself who dare to dream out loud. “I want to inspire those of every nationality, ethnicity, body size, spirituality, sexual orientation, and ability,” he says, “I want to tell stories through music that are not only fun but insightful and honest.”

In 2020, Givens released his compilation EP Electric Kingdom Volume I: INNOCENCE + FALL with the single When I Fall and in the fall, he created the Stars Dance Music Festival in his hometown for independent artists and DJs. In 2021, David re-released When I Fall with WHEN FALL: Diamond Edition and The Remixes Volume II along with the visual directed by Tahj Laron

In 2022, David is in production of his debut album Electric Kingdom Volume II: RESURGENCE with f r e q u e n c y being one of its singles to be released on March 4th 2022. f r e q u e n c y will also be a charity single with all proceeds going to Special Olympics of South Carolina and Black Men Heal.

SOURCE: Official Bio