Dead Freights have today released their new single titled ‘How Much To Call Me Daddy?’ from their upcoming album releasing in January on Gary Powell’s (The Libertines) label 25 Hour Convenience Store Records. Gritty from the onset and down with a mean groove from that first note unleashed, Dead Freights have unleashed a sonic kraken with something that sticks in your head for the rest of the day and leaves that snarky smirk, the kind that leaves you muttering ‘f*ck you’ under your breath to everyone that crosses your path.

This song is all too short for what it brings, but sometimes that’s enough.

About Dead Freights

Signed to Gary Powell’s (The Libertines) 25 Hour Convenience Store Records, ‘How Much To Call My Daddy’ delivers two minutes and eleven seconds of pure, unadulterated hi-octane rock and roll. It is an adrenaline fuelled rush to the cerebral cortex and the band’s live shows are a testament to that, having toured the UK in 2022 with The Libertines, followed by a series of successive sold out London shows.

They say: “‘How Much to Call Me Daddy’ takes you on a journey through the darker regions of masculinity and whilst again it exemplifies the sheer raw energy of the band, it also lays it’s moral compass on the table regarding questions of ‘toxic masculinity’.”

Gary Powell adds: “The Dead Freights are a unique beast, in that they have taken all of the ‘best bits’ that influence them musically and otherworld creatively, to produce a body of work that encapsulates whom they are as individuals and as a band. It is an absolute pleasure to not only sign them to my label 25 Hour Convenience Store because of the their creative brilliance but also to produce them – and there was no better backdrop for this than our own Albion Room Studios.”

Dead Freights create anthems for the generation Z of misfits, punks and goths, driving the reemergence of guitar music in what finally constitutes a genuine global revival. Their music is of beauty and violence, sonically and lyrically, that’s brought the likes of Steve Lamacq to their first east London headline in the spit and sawdust Road Trip bar, to the Future Sounds of Jack Saunders, through the old fashioned romance of word of mouth.Their aim is to unite every member of the crowd in singing every word at future Dead Freights shows, no matter how different their identity and story, because that’s the point in what’s happening with this scene, and Dead Freights could be its next biggest protagonist.

Dead Freights hope to take you on a journey of discovery that will eventual lead you to their album launch in January 2024.