April Twenty Nine - Sleepwalker
April Twenty Nine – Sleepwalker

Led by Chris Kelly’s powerful vocals and Simon Royer’s dynamic drums, April Twenty Nine (aka April 29, A.T.N) is an alternative-rock band from Montreal. Their “radio-friendly” sound is one that is abundant with powerful choruses, catchy guitar rifts and energetic drums. At times melancholic while also uplifting, April Twenty Nine’s unique blend of pop, alternative-rock is always delivered with a message that will make you think and feel. Influenced by bands like 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Taking back Sunday, and Anberlin.

April Twenty Nine aka A.T.N or April 29,are two former members of Headge.After a split, they decided on a new vision and a new beginning, Which was decided on April 29 2013, therefore the name.