Drew Davies has just released his new live rendition of his latest single ‘The Bitter End’, recorded live at Headhunter Studios in Glasgow, Scotland.

If you remember our initial take on the song, then you will understand that, when I say the stage is where the music lives, then ‘The Bitter End’, and Drew Davies, thrives with a vengeance and caliber only found in true musicians. The stage presents an ultimate focus on a song that already has that energy and vibe that stops you what you’re doing and takes every note inside of you. Imagine if you see this live. Just watch this video and see what I’m talking about. There is a vibrance that you can’t completely capture in a good live performance. Everything is naked, so to say. Visible for all to see and scrutinizing for all to hear. And here it works. There is a vibrance, like I said, that shines where overdubs and second takes cannot hide. Like good sushi, somethings are best served raw.

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About Drew Davies & ‘The Bitter End’

‘The Bitter End’ has an alternative rock cinematic soundscape which combines modern influences like QOTSA and Ghost with nostalgic synthesizers that reference the work of synth legend John Carpenter and luminaries such as Kavinsky and Carpenter Brut. The song is Davies’ most visceral release to date, never relenting until its breathless climax as he delivers his lines with panache and guile. The Bitter End paints a picture with words, a reflection on the terminal state of a relationship. This plays out beautifully on the VHS crafted video that accompanies the single.

The track was mixed by Danny Woodward, Whitewood Recordings and mastered by Graeme Lynch, 209 Mastering – Circa Waves, Ladytron, AMS Neve, Marshall Records.

Drew Davies staunchly claims new territory as he prepares his sophomore solo album, Holloway Nights. He’s written many songs and he’s played some iconic shows. From London’ s Scala and legendary Underworld to Download Festival & the Brudenell Social. He’s also been fortunate enough to have his music played by BBC DJ’s such as Gary Crowley (BBC London), Bruce Dickinson (BBC 6), Jericho Keys (BBC Introducing) and the late great Janice Long (BBC Wales) amongst others. Now residing in the post industrial artistic hotbed of Glasgow, his latest work is his most expansive. Inspired by the world around him and the themes of love, loss and the human experience. Drew has created a sonic soundscape that can feel both ominous like a storm rolling over a city or comforting like the warm sun caressing the back of your neck. Listen to his music, Drew Davies has something to say.