Drew Davies has released his new eponymous album! And this, to me, has been a long time coming. I first became a fan of Drew a year ago with that first review, but since then I have become more and more pleased with the organic evolution that his music is taking, both creatively and musically. Drew is a master of the hook, in my opinion, and one can easily see his music in film and television because of its mood setting.

What this album says to me, as a whole, is what is yet to come. With this, we get such an opening salvo that you have to wonder what could come next. As I listen right now to ‘Beautiful World’, and that glorious sax solo, I sit thinking about all of those subtle things that you will listen to on this album that may not be prominent but will register where it counts. And it’s those little things that count.

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About Drew Davies

Hailing from South Yorkshire, Davies comes from a long line of singers and musicians. He has spent the better part of the last decade working in musical collaborations, most noteworthy being a previous member of The Mercy House, as well as writing for other artists and singing in session gigs to get by. Through successes, setbacks, and everything in between, he has poured himself into his musical labors and has now produced his most personal work to date.

Pulling from a wide array of influences, Drew Davies is inspired by everything from 50’s rock n’ roll to electronica, citing acts such as The National, Scott Walker, Vangelis, and Tom Petty. From this palette of familiar reference points, he has created a genre-bending and timeless sound that bears semblance to the likes of Sam Fender, Future Islands, David Bowie, and The War On Drugs.

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Approaching the album with the reverence it deserves, Drew Davies presents his old school indie rock masterpiece. With a gentle nod of his head to previous industry legends, the musician forges ahead as he manages to stake his claim in the modern world of music. Allowing a touch of nostalgia to enter his work, Drew Davies ensures modern concepts to enter the album as well, bringing a heavy tenderness to rock and roll that many would tend to neglect. Performed with skill and a burnished grace, this album is not one to miss.

Speaking of the album with pride, Drew Davies tells us, “This album is the culmination of many years of writing both in and out of bands, I can remember each song as a moment. Writing ‘Who We Are’ on the day of my Grandfathers funeral, writing ‘Mrs Taylor’ after the news of the passing of a family friend, the sounds of my road echoing out in ‘Come on Within’ as I demoed the song on the piano in my bedroom window. It’s a personal body of work which I look forward to sharing with the world and building on very soon.”