Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Drew Davies, who today also releases his new album titled ‘Holloway Nights’.

To say this album is a successful follow-up to his eponymous debut album would be an understatement. It’s a progression. An evolution, if you will. Drew’s signature sound can garner the correct emotions. Each track has it’s own style and story. Theme songs confined to a collective, if you will.

And, in this interview, we talk with Drew about all that is ‘Holloway Nights’ as well as get inside the mind of a true musician. The interview will feel like an in depth conversation and behind the scenes look at one of the great future classics of the indie scene.

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About Drew Davies

Drew Davies is from the North York’s Moors. After spending time in London, Drew now resides in the post-industrial artistic hotbed of Glasgow. From London’s Scala and Underworld to Download Festival and Brudenell Social, the artist is backed with a slew of iconic shows.

Supported by the likes of Mickey Bradley (BBC Radio Ulster), Gary Crowley (BBC London), Bruce Dickinson (BBC 6), Jericho Keys (BBC Introducing) and the late great Janice Long (BBC Wales), Drew’s music has also seen airtime on both Planet Rock and Amazing Radio.

His latest work is his most expansive, inspired by the world around him and the themes of love, loss and the human experience. Drew has created a sonic soundscape that can feel ominous like a storm rolling over a city or comforting like the warm sun caressing the back of your neck. Listen to his music, Drew Davies has something to say.