Drew Davies has today premiered his new video for the track titled ‘The Comeback’. With that drag of suave and puff of purity, Drew lets us know that this is not a comeback; he’s been here for years. Ok, I know that was lame, but, Drew is one of those artists that soars above that. Because his music can clearly speak for itself. Regardless of the genre, Drew can infuse a part of his soul with whatever he does.

‘The Comeback’ is a true anthem. That feeling of strength just from having heard it. The sound is signature. The look is poetic. The feel is there. You ingest this music rather than listen to it because it becomes a part of you. Rock, Roll, Repeat.

That ‘cry for freedom’ that Drew explains regarding this song is a universal platitude. Something we can all relate to and, with ‘The Comeback’ relate to our lives in ways that only true music can do. The best musicians can become ambassadors to our souls. This song is playing in the lobby of your embassy. Carry on.

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About Drew Davies & ‘The Comeback’

The track is dark and brooding, yet euphoric and uplifting creating a perfect juxtaposition of calm and chaotic soundscapes. “Freedom, you will know my name” screams Drew Davies at the song’s crescendo; a call to arms for societies malcontents and a tip of the hat to an era of alternative greats such as David Bowie, Sisters of Mercy and NIN.

Speaking on the track Drew tells us:

“The Comeback was written as I emerged from a particularly hard time in my life; it’s a cry for freedom and an anthem for regaining control of your own destiny.

I wanted the song to sound powerful and to hit hard on one hand; whilst wrapping the other arm around you, in a bid to encapsulate both the defiance and hope in the music…I was living opposite Joe Meek’s old Telstar studio on Holloway Road, London; and one night I felt inspired to run a DX7 through an old bass amp in the corner. When I heard the pulsating beat emerge I knew that this was the strident sound I’d been looking for.”

The track was mixed by Danny Woodward, Whitewood Recordings – BC Camplight, Ladytron, Circa Waves and mastered by Graeme Lynch, 209 Mastering – Circa Waves, The Coral, Ladytron, AMS Neve, Marshall Records.

In this strange, dystopian and technicoloured era where experience and authenticity are top dollar, Drew Davies delivers as an original sonic explorer…Having toured the continent of heavy metal and gained underground notoriety treading the boards at Download and Bloodstock Festivals, Drew staunchly claims new territory as he prepares his sophomore solo album, Holloway Nights.

Written and recorded in a self-made studio opposite Joe Meek’s famous Telstar Studios, there is a heavy tenderness about his new work. Even with his son-of-a-bitch wild screams and the occasional power chord; the lo-fi beats, dusty funk licks and Roland Juno join all join forces to create something as intimate as it is expansive. Occasionally breaking through his grand analog ensemble is something hopeful and almost tangible – a wholesome sound imbued with the musical traditions and legacy of the steel city where Drew was born.