So ‘Much More’ is the fifth single of Amsterdam based Eckhardt And The House. It’s a stunning piece of laid-back Summer Chill duet pop of longing desire with a twist. Beautifully melancholic but also mysteriously ominous. And all that accompanied by Mediterranean bouzouki sounds and Mexican mariachi trumpets…

Eckhardt And The House is the project by producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, dramatist and actor Rik Elstgeest. Rik is known from his previous bands Kopna Kopna and Alamo Race Track as well as being composer and producer for Zazi. Together with Gerry Arling (of Arling & Cameron fame) and Bo Koek he is the core of Dutch electropop surprise Mass Electric. On So Much More Eckhardt And The House is accompanied by Heidy Happy on vocals. She is known for her guest vocals for Yello and her own albums in native country Switzerland.

The previous singles by Eckhardt And The House did very well on Dutch radio and were played for months by national and regional broadcasters. Enthusiastic responses also came in from countries diverse as UK, Italy, Japan and the United States. On Spotify, the first four singles were streamed 300.000 times in a total number of 55 countries.

Eckhardt And The House ft. Heidi Happy – ‘So Much More’ will be released tomorrow.