On Why Don’t You Dance, the Eckhardt And The House vocal reinforcements are by the likes of Heidi Happy, who is known for her Yello guest vocals, Bella Hay (daughter of “Radar Love” Golden Earring frontman Barry Hay) and others.

Eckhardt And The House singles did very well on Dutch radio and were played for months on national, regional and local stations. They also got airplay on national radiostations in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy plus regional and local stations in Germany and France. Press coverage rolled in from Denmark to Japan and from the United States to Australia. Several singles reached iTunes- and Spotify Viral Charts in The Netherlands, Italy, France and Turkey, on Spotify the total number of plays has passed the 1 million mark.

Eckhardt And The House is the project by producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, dramatist and actor Rik Elstgeest. Rik is known from his previous bands Kopna Kopna and Alamo Race Track, as well as being composer and producer for Zazi. Together with Gerry Arling (of Arling & Cameron fame) and Bo Koek he is the core of Dutch electropop surprise Mass Electric.