99309-Bee_In_Your_BonnetThe enigmatically named Fallon Cush is the vehicle for songwriter Steve Smith, a Sydney musician with a knack for gathering exceptional musicians to add colour and depth to his compositions, over the past five years Steve has produced a critically acclaimed pair of Fallon Cush albums. Now, in 2016, Fallon Cush are set to release their most realised album to date in Bee In Your Bonnet.

On their self-titled 2011 debut, Fallon Cush explored a musical landscape built on power-pop, sophisticated pop-rock and a subtle streak of Americana. The influence of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, The Jayhawks, Crowded House and Big Star all shined bright.

The success of their debut encouraged a quick turnaround with its follow-up April in 2012. Upon its release, the album received universally positive reviews from the likes of No Depression, Maverick Country, and Jersey Beat. Americana UK described Fallon Cush’s sound as ‘combining the voice of Bob Dylan with the radio friendly vibe of Neil Finn.’

On their third album Bee In Your Bonnet, they’ve continued the refinement and evolution of the Fallon Cush sound by introducing a more alt-country, wide-open-road feel to the music. Guitars slash and swagger with more abandon and the mood is often darker. Steve’s instinctive way with soaring melodies is still as infectious as ever but the band has found a way to imbue them with just the right amount of grit, ragged edges, and free-wheeling, widescreen production. You can hear The Band, The Byrds, Dylan and Ryan Adams in the DNA of the songs as Fallon Cush strike the perfect combination of hook-laden songcraft and organic, timeless musicality.

SOURCE: Official Bio