Los Angeles isn’t the easiest place to call home. Rent is astronomical, traffic strains the mind and with the number of people trying to make their mark – it’s damn near impossible to stand out. The Mark Christopher Band is one of the many are one of the many acts in the City of Angels who know this is all too true. Their fusion of blues, jazz, and hard rock is an authentic reflection of the LA scene the struggles in becoming successful in our great city.

Comprised of three talented men born and raised in Los Angeles with various skill sets, The Mark Christopher Band has led the man who gave his name to the trio. Mark Christopher was born with music in his blood. Influenced by his jazz pianist father, he picked up the guitar at 15-years-old and has yet to put it down. Playing throughout LA he met up with Steve Roybal. A true musician, Steve is a former member of the Los Angeles Jr. Philharmonic, and has performed with The Midnighters, The Coasters, The Drifters, Don Sugarcane Harris, Ike Cole and Redbone and many others. Rounding out the band is Phillip Friedland who made a name for himself playing in the local LA club scene for years.

Finding a band full of people actually from LA is a feat, but it happened and The Mark Christopher Band came to be. Soon after they released their debut in 2002. Today they are a few albums deep and working on their fourth album that’s due out by the end of 2017. In between working on the new record and its release, the band plans on playing throughout their native Southern California from LA to San Diego and back again to strengthen their name on their home base before taking the show on the road.

SOURCE: Official Bio