Will Homewood is an eighteen-year-old pop singer/songwriter from Oxfordshire. Music has always been close to his heart. He sang and played in groups in school and throughout his childhood and then started recording music at his home just over a year ago. He was lucky enough to have his first track played on Dermot O’Leary’s show on BBC Radio 2 and he decided that music was what he wanted to do full time with his life. That first national radio play opened the door to more writing and performance opportunities for Will.

He loves sharing his music online: Will says: “I love hearing my tracks being played on the radio and hearing fans sing my songs along with me at shows”.

Will started playing live shows last October and he’s built a loving and loyal fanbase in the cities that he’s played in – Birmingham, London, Liverpool etc over the past year. “It’s been great supporting some fantastic artists and bands and I’ve learned a lot along the way, although there’s plenty more to learn too! I will be doing a small headline tour in 2018 so I’m now busy writing new songs to release and share at these shows”. “I feel so blessed to be doing what I love. Performing on a stage where I have seen some of my favourite artists perform is the most exhilarating feeling. Watching the Vamps perform in Birmingham then playing at the same venue a couple of months later was a real highlight”.

Will has written several songs over the past 18 months which are all available on his Soundcloud page.

His current single ‘Weight of Us’ was written whilst at school earlier this year to use as course work and it started out as a country song but developed into a pop track later on. Will says: “I love the song and really enjoy performing it live and had great fun making the video for it too. This will be the first track I have released via iTunes/Spotify etc”. “After finishing school for the year I headed off to Los Angeles for the Summer to write and record some tracks, which I’ll be looking to release in 2018. It was great to experience the LA lifestyle and work with some different writers and producers. It was my first trip away from home and I feel it really helped me grow as a person as well as an artist. This has been a terrific year and I look forward to the new year and the opportunities it brings”.