1. Yellow Almond Forest Enjoyable Listens 3:42

Enjoyable Listens has today released their new single titled ‘Yellow Almond Forest’, from their upcoming album ‘The Enjoyable Listen’, out March 11th.

Presenting as a creative product of the lockdown, ‘Yellow Almond Forest catches a pristine retro-esque vibe with a subtle hint of powerful innuendoes and originality behind that alt-pop and electro façade. I say this because, while you hear the obvious on the surface, when you listen you hear the heart and soul of not only the song but what the band does, and that is being themselves. ‘Yellow Almond Forest’ chugs along and becomes endearing as it crescendos and embeds itself into your memory. And that is what matters.

About Enjoyable Listens & ‘Yellow Almond Forest’

The Truth: ‘Yellow Almond Forest’ is the new single by ENJOYABLE LISTENS, the debonair alt.electro.pop Home Counties duo Luke and Jimbo, who arrive with hope in their heart, hunger in their eyes and heroic melodies tumbling from their powerful souls. Like the previous fierce panda single ‘A Laugh And A Half’, from late 2021, ‘Yellow Almond Forest’, is a twinklingly arch bedsit glamour powerdrive which appears on the aptly-titled debut album, ‘The Enjoyable Listen’, which is released on March 11th.

For Enjoyable Listens know their cultured pop dramas from their indie onions, but aren’t shy to shed a tear to either. The likes of ‘Late Soul’, ‘Lust’ and ‘Private’ show a creative force full of forceful tales of super creepy love affairs built on a lavishly DIY production budget. Or, as singer Luke explains:

“‘The Enjoyable Listen’ is taken from a very large collection of songs I wrote over the last couple of years, in the cold corner of my living room. Coming out of Lockdown ‘21, Jimbo and I hit the road in a desperately hard way, hands and eyes aching from an era of mutual distrust. Words cannot convey music. They cannot elucidate nor illuminate. Both words and music enter the mind through the ears, but only the medium of music surpasses all senses to animate the body. Enjoyable Listens have always known this.”

Enjoyable Listens formed in 2018 as a two piece consisting of Luke Duffett and Jimbo Savage, who lived in a derelict pub in Greenwich. They were both pursuing separate paths as songwriters, but in a novel attempt to make beer money (they lived across the road from a Wetherspoons, you see), they’d dress up and busk by the Cutty Sark. Luke wore a skeleton suit and a bowler hat, Jimbo modelled a long orange linen dress and 1970’s hustler daddy sunglasses. They were quite successful in the late summer months. That was really where it all started.

So far, so quirky. Fast forward three years, through five Enjoyable Listen singles, one EP, dozens of fruity live shows, one global pandemic and some Steve Lamacq lovings, the Enjoyable Listens have honed a live set which is a lithe, exuberant half hour blast of sharp cheekbones and cheeky melodies from the effervescent vocalist Luke and, occasionally, begrudgingly bouyant basslines from Jimbo. If you time it just right you’ll find Luke standing precariously on a bar stool, serenading alarmed punters like some semi-demented showbiz showdown between Jarvis Cocker and Rick Astley.

“This batch of tracks reflects every theme we’ve ever stood for,” enthuses Luke. “Redemption, salvation, the wicked heart, the incandescent light, the power Of God Himself, smiling mercifully upon me. All songs bar one (‘Private’, by the immensely talented Jake Robbins) have been expertly mixed by Corin Schenks. He was, is and will always be a massive source of encouragement to me. Jim Terrill heavily contributed to a few in a very meaningful way. I am blessed to know these people.”

‘The Enjoyable Listen’ hereby becomes the second release as part of the fierce panda albums club, with the admirable fiscal support of the National Lottery Project Grants via the Arts Council. It follows on from the primetime soulpop opus by CHILI PALMER, and paves the way for longplaying joys by SCROUNGE and DEAN MCMULLEN.