1. I Like the Beach Fake Dad 3:05

Fake Dad has released their new single titled ‘I Like The Beach’. A glorious mess and mash of electric #indie and glamorous grit, the dynamic duo, made up of Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford, fuse the fashions of their musical influences and mash that with sheer originality to make a track that is as reverent as it is relevant. Music was meant to sound like this.

About ‘I Like the Beach’

Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford come together to create the stylistic fusion that is Fake Dad. Beyond their music careers, Andrea and Josh – from their Brooklyn studio apartment – are happily in love; Andrea wrote this song about Josh, and the two went on to record and produce this track in their home studio. Residing somewhere between the stylings of artists like brittany howar, Nirvana, and FINNEAS, Fake Dad delivers a signature, eccentric modern sound. A necessity for any indie lover, this track fuses electronic indie rock with gritty soul giving listeners an ideal record to zen out to.

The color that shines through in “I Like The Beach” – a gorgeous hue reflecting the deepness of their connection – yields an enticing signature sound from the marriage of their unique individual styles. The duo drew inspiration from film scores composed by Trent Reznor when creating the soundscape behind “I Like The Beach.” The foundation of this track resides in the smooth bass line and haunting lead vocal; Fake Dad built the rest of the track from those two elements. Dewey keys and arpeggiated synths paint decadent harmony across this track, softly caressing de Varona’s poignant vocals.

Self-produced under the mentorship of Grammy award-winning producer Swagg R’Celious (H.E.R., Kehlani, and Alicia Keys), this duo has created an unmistakable sound that is quintessentially Fake Dad.

About Fake Dad

Andrea de Varona (she/her) and Josh Ford (he/him) aka Fake Dad make music in their tiny Brooklyn studio/apartment. Since the beginning of 2018, they have been inseparable, with a love of music at the center of their relationship long before they started writing together.

With a signature production sound and distinct vocal style, they create a consistent and engaging framework for their unique perspectives. Although Andrea and Josh come from different musical backgrounds, they share a common goal: to create something that understands you. Fake Dad is always there to give you a friendly pat on the back and a warm cup of cocoa after a long, hard day. They want you to know that everything is going to be okay.