Here we have a double assault from Brooklyn’s finest aka A Deer A Horse and the double assault in question is the double singles known as “Gunpoint” and “Mother Night”. The songs wildly contrast yet fit each other like the bookends of an emotion-filled adventure. “Gunpoint” is a cabaret-grunge opus reminiscent of a mashup of a Jack Kerouac meets Janis Joplin meets Eddie Vedder with enough originality to make it a future classic. “Mother Night” is the night to “Gunpoint’s” day in that this song puts your mind to rest after the frenzy of the previous track with the sway of Mazzy Star and the Swagger of A Deer A Horse. And that’s a good place to be.

The double single is out now via Custom Made Music. Get your copy HERE.


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About A Deer A Horse
Brooklyn’s A Deer A Horse play what they call “Urgent Rock N Roll”, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to their recent single “Fighter” as the track is dark, catchy and down right menacing. Vocalist/guitarist Rebecca Satellite’s top notch vocal delivery and blistering guitar leads are backed by stellar performances from bassist Angela Phillips and drummer Dylan Teggart. There is a feeling of confidence and swagger that transmits throughout the bands sound and speaks in a very powerful way.

Urgent rock ‘n roll from Brooklyn, NY

“moody, searing guitar rock”– Village Voice

“ADAH shatters the prehistoric notions of living, demanding something present and conscious in the now…” – Impose Magazine

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