Melodically appealing while staying shoegazingly appropriate, the new single “Room For The Others” by Colorado’s own A Shoreline Dream truly marks the continuing evolution of revolution for this continually evolving group of renaissance artists. By combining soothing vocals, droning guitars, and a steady backbeat, A Shoreline Dream create a soundtrack for the soul that may define the next experience of your life. Take a listen and see for yourself.

“Room For The Others” drops August 14, 2017. Pre-order HERE.

First Listen: A Shoreline Dream - Room For The OthersAbout A Shoreline Dream
Colorado’s A Shoreline Dream has announced they will release a new single ‘Room For The Others’ on August 14, 2017. This is the fourth single from their ever-evolving new album, which is being released digitally one track at a time, before the full vinyl-only album is finally ready. After fine tuning the song over the winter months, it has become a favorite for the duo to play, partially due to the resonance of the song’s message.

The song deals with the struggle to come to terms with, and attempting to overcome, the biggest fear in life…change. With the recent loss of close family and friends, A Shoreline Dream frontman Ryan Policky has instead taken those potential negatives and turned them into a message of personal reflection.

“Given the nature of all the amazingly overwhelming things going on these days politically, socially, etc., this track became a personal reflection on it all. Both the good and the bad. The love and the sadness,” says Ryan Policky. “I found myself feeling emotions from all sides of the spectrum, and room for the others is just that… a spectrum of emotions. This song goes out to those who may have ever felt just a little bit of place… who just wanted to stand in line with the rest.”

While the original wave of shoegazers chose textures and otherworldliness over conventional clarity and 90’s post-rockers opted for progressive and fluid structures rather than traditional form, A Shoreline Dream are the keepers of both of those flames. Delivering a heady cocktail of dream-pop, shoegaze, neo-psychedelia, goth and progressive rock, the new single also brings a gothic undertone set against a pulsing, energetic rhythm and is, on the whole, more in keeping with northern European atmosphere than the warm sidewalks of Denver’s suburbs.

A Shoreline Dream, comprised of Ryan Policky and Erik Jeffries, originate from Barnum, Colorado. Their music is often referred to as “progressive shoegaze,” indicating their blending of lush sampled textures, organic instrumentation and vocals layered like a synth. But it is the studio’s final treatment of the song that is the real joy, affecting a cavernous production style, and haunting and ethereal resonance in keeping with the semi-lucid and sonorous nature of this music.

While A Shoreline Dream have not re-invented this particular musical wheel, they have certainly re-treaded it, painted it interesting colors, and added some shimmering gloss before taking it out for a spin, ultimately leaving multi-colored vapor trails throughout the neighborhood.

Over the past 10 years, A Shoreline Dream has churned out numerous acclaimed releases under their own label (Latenight Weeknight Records), working with legends such as Ulrich Schnauss, Mark Kramer and The Engineers (for whom they remixed a song for progressive label gods K-Scope). They also opened for Chapterhouse for their final appearance.

“Room for the Others” by A Shoreline Dream will be available through iTunes and can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

Featured image credit Ryan Policky.