A Tragic Setback
A Tragic Setback

With the world at their feet, metalcore act, A Tragic Setback have delivered to the world, a Christmas gift in the form of metal holiday spirit. Just in time for your family Christmas party, the band gives a metal makeover to the holiday classic Greensleeves. Check out the cover below and be sure to watch out for A Tragic Setback in 2015.

About A Tragic Setback
A new challenger emerges from the heat of San Antonio, Texas. Blending their influences of Metal, Alternative, and Hardcore, A Tragic Setback offers a fresh way to spice up the currently redundant music scene. From the nuances of the studio recording to the intensity of the on-stage performance, they look to inspire their audience through uplifting lyrical themes, catchy melodies, and “dirty-south” heaviness.

Since the band’s formation in early 2012, A Tragic Setback has shown nonstop momentum in expanding their influence. They have performed alongside major acts such as OTEP, The Plot In You, Ice Nine Kills, and ERRA, and are still progressing forward to their next big step. A Tragic Setback’s debut album “Chasing the Light” is set to release in the near future, featuring the work of producer Brian Hood and video director Scott Hansen.

A Tragic Setback’s vision lies in the heart of the music they create. They only desire longevity and impact from their creations, and always seek to innovate. Despite any “setbacks”, A Tragic Setback will stop at nothing to spread their passion throughout the globe.