1. Every Rise Abel Raise the Cain 3:30

An alternative indie rock band formed in the Northeast, Abel Raise the Cain were brought together by a mutual love of atmospheric and epic indie soundscapes influenced by the likes of Arcade Fire, Sigur Rós, and Editors.

Their first release, a double A-side single ‘Too Late/The Promise’ brought the band widespread critical acclaim leading to both singles receiving repeated airplay on radio stations across the UK, including regular plays on BBC Introducing. ‘Too Late’ was also playlisted on Brazilian National Radio and featured on prime time Channel 4.

Abel Raise the Cain have played shows across the UK, where they’ve earned a reputation for enthralling and energetic live performances, which have led to coveted support slots for Happy Mondays, Primal Scream, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Spiritulized, Kodaline, and Skaters.

The band’s single ‘Black Swans’ went straight to number one in the Beat 100 music chart which features bands from all over the world. The song also led to Abel Raise the Cain to win the Beat 100 Ultimate Musician award, recognizing them as one of the most outstanding bands on the network.

Their highly anticipated new single ‘Every Rise’, another uplifting and an anthemic slice of Indie pop, is released on December 9th.

“When the bubble or romantic suspense pops, a chorus, a wall of sound, a full culmination of six instruments really grabs the ears; A chanted motif, “I’m just too late”, has rung around in my head since coming across Abel Raise The Cain. This is a ‘big room’ song.”
Narc Magazine

“Glory. This is the feeling one has when listening to the first notes of “Black Swans”, the newest single from the British band Abel Raise the Cain. It is like reaching the end of an epic movie…”
Pure M-Zine

“Abel Raise The Cain closed out 2012 with the release of their fantastic Double A-Side single, entitled ‘Too Late /The Promise’. The two tracks are great, with ‘Too Late’ having the previously mentioned orchestral sound that builds up to a satisfying crescendo with Crichton delivering a repeated poignant line “ I’m just too late” that really sticks in the head. ‘The Promise’ is equally majestic, but with a more varied structure of an acoustic opening, before building up to a huge cymbal-crashing middle-section and neatly wrapping up with a beautiful guitar line to draw the song to a close.”
Hooting and Howling Magazine

“’The Promise’, their latest single, is a positive example of what is yet to come. A strong arrangement of components from a solid foundation to husky vocals. A distinct range of elements creates the perfect atmospheric soundscape. With riffs that blend well when harmonized with repetitive vocals, effective musical layers are produced adding to the depth of this song. Despite being a new act we’re sure these guys will take 2013 by storm. Such a promising act with evident talent, you would be a fool not to keep an eye out for Abel Raise The Cain this year.”
Venture Mag Northeast

“‘The Promise’ is an ambitiously produced ethereal indie rock tune filled with tastefully layered guitar riffs and haunting harmonies. Sean Crichton’s husky vocals are filled with intense depth and emotion that instantly sweep you off of your feet.”
Cargo Collective

“An ambitious, bold sound for fans of Arcade Fire and Coldplay!”

“Abel Raise The Cain pack quite a punch – a visceral live band, their post-rock is expansive and epic.”

“Even closer to home are Abel Raise The Cain and they seize their moment in the sun. A powerful atmospheric performance reveals clear and present signs of life on the Teesside music scene.”
God is in the TV Zine

The Band:
Sean Crichton – Electric Guitar/Vocals
Adam Hicks – Drums
Gary Hughes – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Shaun Buckle – Electric Guitar/ Vocals
Andy Grange – Guitar
Gaz Murray- Keys
Saerla Murphy – Violin