Andrea has today released her new single titled ‘I Don’t Know Your Name’. Andrea has that road worn voice that is also as angelic, yet showing the cracks in the heart when she sings. This is a beauty most vocalists don’t have. And to mix that with a wonderfully subdued and minimalist track such as ‘I Don’t Know Your Name’, you get that magic that most artists try to reach.

About Andrea

Pop singer-songwriter Andrea is releasing her heartbreak ballad “I Don’t Know Your Name” on December 15. The track comes as a follow-up to her debut release “I Know,” an electropop song that also shows off Andrea’s R&B influences. “I Don’t Know Your Name” is the story of seeing a lost love and fiercely denying the importance of that relationship as the way to cope with the sorrow. The track is gorgeously written and carefully produced. “With ‘I Don’t Know Your Name’ I try to express the anguish of the first time you see again the love who broke your heart,” says Andrea. “The vocal improvisation in the song is intended to echo the cry of grief and suffering of heartbreak. We’ve all been through that loss, I just hope my music can help comfort the lonely.”

With only one other release under her belt, Andrea is already demonstrating the confidence and vocal maturity of a deeply experienced and professional musician. Her last single “I Know” was referred to as “a song that could stand on the strength of Andrea’s vocal performance, but instead it embellishes them with production that conveys the feelings the vocals do” (BlackPlastic). After living in Harlem as a child, Andrea carried the R&B, gospel, and soul influences back with her to Macedonia. With such a culturally rich background, Andrea is proudly a one-of-a-kind artist. “I am unapologetically myself – I will chart my own path regardless of the expectations placed on me or whether there is a defined path to success,” says Andrea. “I Don’t Know Your Name” creates a clear vision of the artist Andrea is blossoming into and sets a sure precedent of the quality of music that fans can continue to expect from her.

Music is Universal. The words Skopje and Macedonia rarely arise when you speak of modern music. In fact, no artist has reached popular success outside the borders of the former Yugoslavia. Andrea is on a different journey than any before her. Her overarching goal is to transform her audience through the power of music — to help them discover who they are. Andrea’s voice touches your soul.

Born 14 February 2000, her love of music began at age 5, when her parents moved to Harlem for a one-year program. Her earliest recollections are the gospel, soul, and R&B she absorbed, which transformed her into a life-long music lover. The daughter of a law professor father and a physician mother, her parents expected her to follow a “respectable” career. The primary support for her passion came from her grandfather, who unexpectedly passed away when Andrea was 9.

Andrea was lost without her guide, mentor, and friend. She struggled to find her place in life as she entered her teenage years, coping with identity issues and depression. Her sole source of solace was music. She sought out a musical mentor – acclaimed producer/composer Aleskandar Masevski, who recognized her innate talent. Under Masevski’s tutelage, Andrea began to develop her natural vocal ability, finding her songwriting voice. Masevski encouraged her to enroll in Skopje’s Faculty of Music Arts, the country’s leading music school, where she also deepened her skills with guitar and piano. For the last two and a half years, Andrea burrowed deep in the studio working on the lyrics and songs from her heart.

Her debut release, “I Know,” was the feature of a premiere in a prestigious UK music blog, Blackplastic, which described “I Know” as a love song that quivers with the excitement of an instant attraction. Andrea has been featured in other music blogs in the US, Poland, and Russia. She has been interviewed for Radio and Podcasts in Holland and Mexico. “I Know” has been played on over 100 radio stations around the world, including the US, UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, France, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and others. In addition to 300k views on YouTube, her music has been streamed over four million times on TikTok. In just a few short weeks since her debut release, Andrea has already become the most international of Macedonia’s music stars.