With a bolstering voice and a penchant for electronic, musical hooks, Andy Zmiko nails originality on the head with his new single ‘Ready For Love”. This is a hook-filled piece with roots in that lovely decade known as the 80s and everything else placed firmly in the near future. We’re ready for more.

About Andy Zmiko
Wolverhampton singer-songwriter, Andy Zmiko has recently released his first solo single “Ready For Love”. After life-changing events and the darkest of times, things had to shift, and happiness is all that matters now. Whether it be the dark tales of this man’s experiences or the pure unadulterated pop sparks that you are listening to you can hear a voice that has something to say. An honest approach to writing and unashamed love for releasing whatever feels good is the direction for singer-songwriter Andy Zmiko.

We ask you to come on this journey and support a man that should be heard. The track has been produced by Gavin Monaghan. Andy is from Wolverhampton and would love to chat with you and appear on your show – if you’re interested, just let me know.

Andy’s previous band was Burn Down Rydell – he’s now solo and enjoying this new dynamic.

Ready for Love came out on August 1st and will be followed by 2 more singles this year.