Huge fans of eighties B-movie horrors, the kind that are so bad they’re good, Autopsy Boys formed after seeing Troma Movies’ ‘Surf Nazi’s Must Die’. Researching the equipment used on the original sound track, the band bought what they could within their budget and started making music.

Within three months, Autopsy Boys had a handful of songs and motivated by some encouraging words from the members of their favourite band The Dwarves, they left their jobs and enrolled on intensive music courses to gain entry into Leeds Music College.

A very small following gained from the music Autopsy Boys had placed online led to an appearance at music festival in Leeds where their hardcore punk combined with synths and samples was a huge hit with the audience.

The band were approached by a local record label but decided to self-release their debut single, wondering why they should hire a studio when they could build one instead. They dug a cellar under the living room of vocalist Lee’s house, kitted it out and set to work on their first seven inch ‘Rich Kids Playground’.

The hugely positive reviews generated by their debut single and subsequent album ‘Def Elements’ meant Autopsy Boys soon gained an army of fans. Horror afficiandos loved where the band were coming from lyrically and visually whilst others simply enjoyed their original sound and fresh approach to music.

An episode of the Simpsons called ’21 tales from Springfield’ inspired Autopsy Boys’ second album with twenty-one songs and five singles, all featuring their favorite Canadian scream queen Debbie Rochon who is a big fan of the band. Iconic horror filmmakers Troma will be endorsing and distributing the band’s music videos; a series depicting twenty-four hours of suburban anarchy.

‘Song For Debbera’ will be a bonus feature on Debbie Rochon’s latest movie and the band will feature on VHS Massacre, a documentary about the decline of video nasties and physical media.

2014 saw the band headline the new band stage at Rebellion music festival, this year they were invited to play the main stage. So far, Autopsy Boys have shared the stage with bands such as The Dwarves, Boomtown Rats, The Dickies, Evil Blizzard, DOA, The Buzzcocks, God Damn and Heck. The band have a short European tour planned in October.