Bailey Coats officially releases her new single titled ‘No Other Way’ as of today (June 19, 2020). Beginning as a vocal exercise, Baily starts the song off with a subtle bang of reminiscing of life and love with that message of no other way, sent to us just in time as a pick me up and mental reassurance that is well needed and deserved with the state of things being the way they are.

Featuring a unique duet between the percussive yet melodic vocals versus the staccato beat and lush piano-driven music, ‘No Way Out’ showcases a solid artist at the introduction of her career.

About Bailey Coats

Bailey Coats makes her return with the heart-felt pop single ‘No Other Way’, June 19th. Having consistently released singles in 2020, Bailey never fails to deliver inspiring anthems when duty calls. Having built an award-winning team around her, ‘No Other Way’ proves her affinity for sublime pop music and takes the pop sensation to the next level.

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Having worked with vocal coach Robert “RAab” Stevenson (Justin Timberlake, Dave Matthews, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, etc), Grammy-award winning producer Wirlie Morris and renowned songwriter Traci Hale, Bailey has a strong team around her that never fails to deliver addictive pop tracks, complete with Bailey’s captivating vocals.

Accompanying the release is the stunning music video shot in Malibu, USA.

Speaking more about the new single, Bailey explains: “’No Other Way’ was written during a season of new beginnings. Just as the world prepares for summer and life after a pandemic, ‘No Other Way’ serves as a euphoric summertime anthem for new beginnings in journeys of both life and love.”

Having built solid foundations over the last year with ‘SNACK’ and ‘GET Low’, Bailey now returns with her strongest track to date, showing again her genius through sincere lyrics and pop harmonies.