Baroni One Time returns to tread the scenes, also known as the “Voz del barrio” one of its greatest hits. After two years of silence and long waiting, the Venezuelan singer who boasts a long and recognized artistic path, by popular demand has officially returned for the happiness of his fans.

Baroni, is an artist who has always marked a clear difference in the reference music scene. Through Caribbean and African American rhythms, reggae, and hip-hop address issues of social, urban relevance, and also, in many of his songs, he sings love. Furthermore, creativity and imagination have always played a fundamental role in all his creations.

On this occasion, a single called “Ganja” brings us, created in the best style of Jamaican reggae roots, mixed with post-modern current issues in which our globalized society lives. The theme of this song focuses on supporting legal marijuana and regulating cannabis.

The song’s lyric was produced by “Anitxha Music Group”, mixed and mastered at the Angel Sound Studio, in the city of Barcelona (Spain) where many of the greatest international artists of the music industry have passed. The video of the song was made by two audiovisual producers “Eduardo Jiménez” and “José Domingo” in the same Catalan capital.

It should be mentioned that currently, Barcelona is one of the most important “cannabic” cities in all of Europe and the world, where more than five hundred legal associations have registered that support self-cultivation both for medicinal uses and for the recreational consumption of this ancestral plant.

As of Thursday, July 16 of this year, “Ganja” will be available on all digital platforms and we will be able to enjoy what will undoubtedly become a new hymn for the cannabis community around the world.