1. Darlin' Batz 2:40

Rising once again from their after-dark, secret underground party lair in the streets of Melbourne, thrash-punk quintet Batz are back in action, and are ready to take it to a whole new level.

The gang has crafted their sound into being one of the most progressive post-punk offerings in Australia, alongside growing a renowned reputation for their live shows.

Having released their debut EP “Night Terrors” in late 2016, – which saw singles “Take It” and “B.A.T.Z.” blasted on community radio & triple j unearthed – the outfit are now psyched to announce brand new single “Darlin’”, alongside their very first headline tour!

Front-woman Christina states;

“…the song is basically about any given situation where another person might think they’re the one with the upper hand, and therefore begin to undermine you. ‘Darlin’ is pretty much about making them realise that you’ve seen through the cockiness and that you are in fact stronger, smarter and overall more powerful than they gave you credit for”.

“Darlin’” once again utilised the engineering help of Alex Markwell of The Delta Riggs.

Batz will be taking the Darlin’ tour all the way up the East-Coast of Australia this February, with all supports to be announced shortly.