Engulfed in serenity and drenched in creativity, Beatific offers their terrific new single titled ‘She Loves Him’. The title more than fits the music with this soothing late summer/early fall splash that delves into what we all secretly crave and, sometimes, publically yearn for. As Beatific says themselves, they blur the genres, and ‘She Loves Him’ is no exception. Beautiful vocal harmonies abound over a captivating crystal clear guitar riff that carries the music forward like a lucid dream of that perfect moment in time when your mind needs a song to memorize the moment. You now have that song. Enjoy!

The ‘Sunshine’ EP drops December 6, 2019.

About Beatific

Known more for his sound design and mixing videos for A-list clients like Beyoncé, Eminem, and The Jonas Brothers, Elad Marish has been a songwriter long before becoming a respected industry figure and President of the American Association of Music Producers. While not Marish’s first band or side project by any means, Beatificis the first collaboration between him and Jeremy Black, known more recently for his collaborations on the Bon Iver and The National-organized music festival PEOPLE.

“In our world, the distinction between genres is rather grey,” Marish says about the diversity of the EP. Where lead single ‘She Loves Him’ is euphoric, sun-drenched psych-folk akin to Local Natives on a Fleet Foxes kick, the next track “Perpetual Contemplation of an Infinite Glory” is the EP’s most personal moment, unpacking intergenerational trauma and moving forward. Still, Beatific sees no reason to not segue that into “Smile Dangerous,” a bassy, strutting left turn into synth-pop. At the heart of the EP is the project’s name: a journey into how we find our own beatific moments in an often unbalanced and complicated world.