1. Let The Music Play Ben Gorb 3:52

Ben Gorb is set to release his new single titled ‘Let The Music Play’ on March 12th. Starting off as a straight-up rock track, ‘Let The Music Play’ delves into the raucous realm of anthem rock with a stadium-size hook and Marshall-sized tone.

About Ben Gorb

As a teenager Ben developed a great passion for Classic Rock music when he discovered artists such as Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC and The Who. At fourteen years old he picked up a guitar and was writing music within a year.

Ben is a unique and versatile artist whose songs are filled with energy, driven by his powerful voice and fierce guitar style, he creates explosive Rock songs but also composes heartfelt Pop and Folk ballads.

He released his debut album ‘Reflections’ in May 2020 which included the critically acclaimed singles ‘Sing Out Loud’ and ‘Goodbye’.

Ben’s music has been championed by Radio XS Manchester as well as many other stations around the UK but nw is the time to give his music a global audience.

Let The Music Play.