Benjamin Taggart has released his new single titled ‘Lost In Mullumbimby’. As a former busker and street performer, that sensibility and style clearly shine in this new single with that worldly level performance and ease of execution that Benjamin has obviously learned and earned in his career.

Smooth from the start and varied throughout, the magical hook that has sprinkles of stringed instrumentation really adds to the flavor of the track and gives Benjamin Taggart further documentation of his global street cred.

About Benjamin Taggart

Benjamin Taggart is a 29-year-old Liverpudlian who started street performing at the age of fifteen and started to travel around the world as a street performance act by the age of twenty. Ben says “I feel like the music is running through my veins and it’s a massive part of my journey.”

Once the adventures started to build up, he began writing down his memories and stories from his travels and as the songbooks filled up he felt the need to start recording. Ben has recorded in many different studios around the world, everywhere he’s been he has created his own connections for gigs, from playing at small back street Deutsche bars to festivals on the beach in New Zealand.

The music itself fits into a dreamy, upbeat chilled out Indie/Folk vibe, but it has developed its own style and unique sound, and ‘Lost In Mullumbimby’ has been a firm favorite with audiences around the globe.

On one of Benjamin’s many travels, he found a beautiful little town hidden in the hills and lost in time called “Mullumbimby”, in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia. Camping out in the wild and living as free as you can imagine, Benjamin had all the time in the world to get his pen and pad out, by doing so he wrote this beautiful song ‘Lost In Mullumbimby’. Magical vibes, magical people, and a town truly made from magic itself!