Hip hop is so diverse, nowadays. It’s hard to remain hard, in a sense. Not so with Black Jack UK. The hardcore elements are secure and the beat is forever relevant in his new track known as “Stand Up Ft G.O.D. Part 3”.  The track hits to the core with the massive rhyme and steadfast heavy rhythm in a track that was meant to be played on only the best sound-systems, not those puny ipod earbuds that always kill the best music. Rise and hear the revolution.

About Black Jack UK
Jack Hawksworth AKA Black Jack UK, born and bred in south Manchester, Wythenshawe estate. I was born on 25th October 1990, I was raised by a single mother with 4 boys on a rough council estate, my father left in 1993 when I was 3 years old and never bothered with us after that. From a young age, I always had a love for hip-hop, my inspiration as a child was a group called MOBB DEEP, a gangster rap group from Queens, New York, USA. As a teenager I found myself going down the wrong path which led me to prison.

At 16 years of age one of my close friends, A.J was sadly murdered and taken away from us which didn’t help with my attitude towards life. It was only in prison when I started to write my own music board in my cell which I found that I had a gift in something I truly loved to do. When I was released for the final time I started to use my lyrics and make them worth while. I started to go to the studio and get my music recorded properly.

I had music videos made for me and got them out there and found that people liked what I did. I started to focus more on this which then led to my story being added to the Manchester evening news paper and the daily mirror online websites which they also featured my music video “Life Diary”. This was a big break through for me and my journey has only just begun. Black Jack UK.

SOURCE: Official Bio