Black Sands today premieres his new single titled ‘River Soul’ Thick in rhythm and lush in melody, ‘River Soul’ is a more upbeat outing than his previous efforts. An uplifting song is never more in need than the present at the moment, in my opinion. And ‘River Soul’ is that track that one can turn to in a time of need because the music in concert with the lyrics has that positive quality that can reset the mind and mend the heart.

About Black Sands

Since making his debut earlier this year, producer Black Sands has released a handful of magnetic, genre-bending singles. His newest offering, ‘River Soul’, aligns to his unique and refined signature sound. Dynamic, pounding beats and emphatic electric guitar propel the song towards Rock. The vocals are smooth and soulful, with agility of an R&B vocalist.

Swirling synths and piano melodies have also been incorporated to give the track an Electro-Pop feeling. Whilst firmly belonging to the amalgam Black Sands has crafted his sound from, this track offers a much brighter feeling than previous releases. Mixed and mastered by Matt Foster, ‘River Soul’ is upbeat and addictive, further emphasizing Black Sands’ scintillating potential.

Speaking about the release, Black Sands says: “River Soul is a slight departure from the darker themes and tones I’ve used in the first few singles. While exploring themes around tragedy, moving on and facing your past — River Soul brings a much needed optimism to a world in need of something positive. I started writing this in the middle of the pandemic this summer. It felt symbolic of a more positive future, a world full of possibilities and hope — a song for all of us to enjoy and embrace the soul of summer.”

Black Sands is the recording project of Milwaukee-born Andrew Balfour, who spent a decade as a touring artist for Alt-Rock bands, featuring in Alternative Press, Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos. Andrew’s Rock influences – Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones – are audible in his music, through the driving percussion and distorted guitar. Following his touring days, Andrew relocated to Amsterdam to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

He found inspiration in the film scores he was surrounded by, as well as esteemed Pop artists such as The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, and Post Malone. From here, Andrew was able to establish a clear vision for Black Sands, specializing in producing a sound that creates unity between a variety of elements. The darker, electric anthems he released earlier this year were received well, and now the alluring, summery ‘River Soul’ is sure to continue elevating Black Sands to even greater heights.