Formed in early 2017 by Jonno Smyth (Drums) and Aaron ‘Ham’ Hammersley (Guitar), Black Tree Vultures set out to combine their classic Metal influences with a modern edge, to play to an audience ranging from seasoned Metal veterans to new Rock lovers. After recruiting Celyn Beynon (Vocals) to front the band, writing and recording began on their debut EP ‘Sanity Isn’t Perfect’. This was released on BTV records via Plastic Head Media in February 2018.

The band crafted a strong live set and immediately took to the road, playing towns such as Oxford, Birmingham, Southampton & Colchester. Receiving great receptions wherever they went they then landed their first main support slot for Snakecharmer a few weeks before their debut E.P was released.

Continuing to play live around the UK, Black Tree Vultures have supported the likes of Diablo Blvd, Bigfoot, Devilskin, and Ryders Creed. The band soon found themselves in Europe, playing in Holland, Germany, and Belgium. This included a Headline spot at the Dutch festival Wolluk-Stock.

Thanks to the support of the BTV fans, the band was voted to play at a Hard Rock Hell battle of the bands in August 2018 turning heads and securing more gigs for the future. Here they met ‘Ched’ Cheeseman who, after standing in on Bass, later went on to become a full-time member completing the current line-up.

‘Pull Apart’ is their stunning new single and is set to take the brand to the next level, with superb production and an FM friendly Rock sound but certainly not straying too far from their original influences, tuck in!

Black Tree Vultures Are:

  • Celyn Beynon – Lead Vocals
  • Aaron “Ham” Hammersely – Guitars/Backing Vocals
  • James “Ched” Cheeseman – Bass/Backing Vocals
  • Jonno Smyth – Drums