BLɅCKƎLVIS (pronounced BLACKELVIS) has dropped their new single titled ‘Gimmie Ya Luv’. Like a beatnik styled poet thrust into a band of absolute coolness, drops the beat under a souled styled prowess of vocals which culminates into an almost preacher-like vibe that captivates the audience into sonic submission. Church is in session.


BLɅCKƎLVIS (BLACKELVIS), A South-Wales based band who have created a monstrous stir across the music scene within just 3 months of their first debut show at Tiny Rebel Cardiff in May 2019.

The band’s infancy has included headline bookings at six of the most renowned venues in and around Cardiff, which have consistently generated rapturous “always-wanting-more “crowds each time without fail – in addition to numerous support bookings across the region. “It is rare to see a band that can captivate a room full of people and takes them to a level of musical ecstasy. To do that on your debut performance is almost audacious and a wonderful spectacle to behold. BLɅCKƎLVIS is quite simply the best new band we have seen in a long, long time and could well become one of the biggest bands to emerge from Wales this year.

Their music has been described as a fusion of wavy funk rock blended with reggae and hip-hop rhythms and R&B/soul vocals whilst retaining an element of powerful, heavy grooves, provided by their uniquely individual rhythm section. The members of BLɅCKƎLVIS come from very different musical backgrounds; Frontman LEVi Tyrell Johnson has been gigging for several years as a solo artist playing acoustic or using live loops and beat-boxing as a base to build upon his Prince style vocals and beautiful guitar melodies. LEVi is no stranger to the stage as he comes from a long line of artists and performers. LEVi has been performing or creating art someway all his life. Dreamer and visionary. Lead Guitarist Ruben Kingman is a fourth-generation musician and is steeped in lifetimes of musical heritage and exploration. His dad Simon Kingman is a master of the instrument and plays as the lead guitarist and backing vocalist in the sophisticated roots rock group Zervas & Pepper as well as writing on his own accord. With Ruben’s instrumental background, he has been described as ‘Epic’ by the South-African Blues-Rock Maestro Dan Patlansky. He is certainly one to watch in the future.

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Bassist AndyExilded has played in many bands over a 20-year musical career, including Blues-rock band We Are The AfterGlow, ska punkers WolfPunch & Skate punk band Not Since The Accident. His playing has been likened to a mix of Matt Freeman from Rancid & Flea of RHCP. Andy has shared a stage with many punk legends during his career including The UK Subs, Sham 69, Stiff Little Fingers, CONFLICT and many more. During his time living in Liverpool, his band at the time was supported by acts such as The Coral, The Zutons & Miles Kane, He is a genuine musical heavyweight.

Behind the drums is C.J Collins, an astoundingly hard-hitting yet versatile player who has been playing alongside bands and artists for over 15 years. Having a long history of playing in various groups, ranging from big-band Jazz & Gospel to Metal, Rock, and Hip-Hop, a definitive arsenal of different rhythmic styles can be heard throughout his performances. Over the years C.J has been likened to a blended style of John Bonham, Chad Smith, and Mitch Mitchell.

The band released their debut recording ‘See Love’ EP on Newsoundwales Records in October 2019.

About ‘Gimmie Ya Luv’

Gimme Ya Luv is about the frustration of being an artist in this world (in a fun and enjoyable way). It’s about asking for the people’s love and appreciation so that we can make something of our lives and hopefully do good for others along the way. The main premise of the song is; if you give us your love, we won’t waste it. We’ll transform that love into something great!

Featured image by Gwyn Williams.