Uplifting harmonies infused with melodic soul and rooted in inspiration, Blesd spread a true message of goodwill and self-healing with their new track titled ‘Healing’. This song could not come at a better time. Healing starts with the self and Blesd gets that. More and more, it seems, these days we are quick to project our personal pain and self-loathing on the environment around us and forget that we have the power to make ourselves better people. Blesd not only gets that, it send is as a message. This song is Blesd in many ways.

About Blesd
Los Angeles-based five-piece, Blesd, began their journey after meeting at a Shabbat service gig in Venice, CA. The group had a magical connection and began collaborating on a like-minded musical experimentation. Comprised of Ayo Awosika, Brock Pollock, Lily Elise, Jeremy Lawrence, and Joe Conner, the Blesd mission is to spread love, inspire unity, and cultivate a connection with everyone who hears their music.

Self-described as conscious pop music, Blesd provides a new way for people to access their spirituality through melody and harmony. Their goal is to help people transcend the boundaries that separate us to connect as humans over a shared desire for love and hope. Not to be confused with dogmatic religious beliefs, their message is one of freedom and self-healing. Musically, the band draws inspiration from fellow meditative R&B purveyors like India.Aire, D’Angelo, and others.

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With credits that include background vocal work for Miley Cyrus and Don Henley, drumming for Bobby McFerrin and music placements on major TV networks ABC and PBS, the band’s members all have impressive resumes of their own.

In September, Blesd made a splash with their single, “Gratitude.” EARMILK called the track, “uplifting and soulful.” Now they’re back with an even more timely single, “Healing.” Blesd was inspired after a tough year of ups and downs with mass shootings, natural disasters, and political strife. They were left feeling helpless and knew that others felt the same way too. They set out to write a song for those who needed a cathartic release with messages of hope and forgiveness.

Blesd elaborates on how the track came together, “We got together a few weeks after the Las Vegas shooting and hurricanes Irma and Maria. The shooting proved to be the deadliest in American history, and the death toll from the hurricanes reached over 3,000 people, devastating the people of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico who struggled to retain access to basic necessities like food, water, and shelter. People were really hurting and we wanted to write something that could help people in this time. Forgiveness, hope, and freedom are themes that run throughout this song, as these are often crucial parts in finding true healing.

Look out for Blesd’s debut EP, dropping at the beginning of 2019.

SOURCE: Official Bio