Blùmia has officially premiered their new video for the single titled ‘Pretty Vulcan’. Blùmia, to me, is one of those fast emerging artists destined for the dancefloors and clubs of the world, but could easily make it into stadiums once they open up. The beat is infectious and the hook is heretic. We get that chorus that kicks the door down combined with that antithesis (of sorts) of a verse that makes for some lush and varied play within the audio.

This dynamic duo of dance and groove take the rave out of the cave and put it back on the stage where it belongs. ‘Pretty Vulcan’ is a spectacle through the speakers that demands a listen through a sound system. Leave the earbuds in the case.

About ‘Pretty Vulcan’

‘Pretty Vulcan’ is the new single for Blùmia, an electro duo with a soul core active since 2015.

The compelling tribal beats and catchy vocals make Pretty Vulcan a real dancefloor anthem, perfectly matched by the neon visuals of the videoclip, a due reference to when indie was popular in clubs, back to post-punk (New Order) and to the golden new rave age (CSS, Late of the Pier, Justice, New Young Pony Club).

Pretty Vulcan is the sexual energy we have inside that pushes us towards unconventional desires, free from inhibitions and prejudices. It’s an electric, visceral, animal dance, a foul rebellion against society’s pantomime.

The videoclip was shot by Luca Pistillo, creative director for many commercials also for Vogue Italy and London Fashion Week.

About Blùmia

Blùmia are Azzurra Buccoliero and Cristiano Meleleo, who met in early 2015 and quickly shared their passion for music and performances. Azzurra was a singer and sax player, with years of experience on stages in their native Puglia. Cristiano had moved from being a drummer and songwriter for local bands to a full intensive immersion into audio editing, mixing and experimenting with synths.

Blùmia were born out of a loving marriage between Azzurra’s soulful vocals and Cristiano’s futuristic, acid approach to electronic music.

Their first eponymous EP, released in late 2015, was promoted with engaging shows all over Italy and gained them not a few prizes in renowned national contests (Arezzo Wave Love Festival 2016, “Miscela Rock Festival” in Turin).

With another EP released in 2016, Blùmia were offered to support live bigger names of the Italian indie scene, playing shows in front of 10000 people.

“Wild Type”, the first full-length published in 2018 by Rivolta Records, pushed Blùmia to even bigger things, with a headline show at Angelo Mei in Rome.

Forced like everyone else to a break due to pandemics, Azzurra and Cristiano concentrated on composing new songs.

Pretty Vulcan is the first new shot for a project ready to bring their wild and refreshing sound outside their national borders.