1. Quarter-Life Crisis BoyCoupon 4:12

BoyCoupon have today released their new single titled ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’. Energy collides through every not and measure with the treasure that is the lyrics as ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ infuses personality with the music and gives the listener something to take with you throughout the day. Almost to the point of genre-hopping, the track flips from slow to fast to slow again with a frenetic-like tone and tale. Think that crazy uncle at your family reunion that you have to keep an eye on, and even though it looks like he’s about to go off the rails, he refrains and it is a good day. Crisis averted.

About BoyCoupon & ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’

Innovative musical duo BoyCoupon is back with a synth-pop, rock banger that is bound to resonate with listeners across a plethora of demographics. “Quarter-Life Crisis” combines thought-provoking lyrics with an addictive, high-energy instrumental to create a track that tests sonic boundaries. “Quarter Life Crisis” is now available to download and stream worldwide.

Beginning with reverberated guitar chords, a majorly distorted high vocal riff, and a laser-esq sound effect, BoyCoupons’ trademark experimental tone sets the stage for another auditory odyssey. BoyCoupon describes the track as “…equal parts pensive, infectious, and breakneck fast.” William Morse’s (vocals) reflective lyrics over Herbie Brewton’s (producer) immersive breakbeat percussion narrate a tale of existentialism that often accompanies a particular stage in life. “Thinking back on everything that’s led me here, Wiping my eyes to make sure it’s really there. My only desire is to know what it feels like,” Morse sings. Everyone experiences a moment where they reflect back on their life, and it can be a difficult and heartbreaking task for some who haven’t yet accomplished everything they set out to do.

BoyCoupon aptly conveys this universal, yet complicated and nuanced emotion of grappling with unrealistic expectations. Lead by subtle verses, each chorus erupts into screaming mountains of guitar, irresistible and chewy synth leads, and Morse’s signature falsetto. The second of these choruses build, transitioning directly into an even greater summit of mammoth synth leads and aggressive halftime drums. As the song begins to slow, Morse opens up with a vulnerable moment of self-spoken doubt over densely layered vocal harmonies. A major highlight of the song was the distinctive outro, featuring electric keyboard soloist KJ Walker, over a pulsing chordal background that crescendos and decrescendos repeatedly.

BoyCoupon are no strangers to experimenting with different musical tastes and genres. Formed like a phoenix from the ashes of a previous band, longtime friends Brewton and Morse joined forces to create yet another genre-colliding single. Indie88 beamed that “…the duo (made up of William Morse and Herbie Brewton) create a lush sci-fi synth-pop dreamscape.” With their catalog ranging from wistful, bedroom-pop hooks to grimy, fast-paced drum’n’bass sequences to epic waves of cinematic ambiance, no musical stone is left unturned by this virtuous group.