Brion Starr has today premiered his new single titled ‘Morning Light’, from his upcoming album ‘A Night To Remember’, releasing October 1st.

Dope by default and signature by nature, ‘Morning Light’ captures an artist in their zone. I hear the NYC nightlife of the late 70s. Studio 54. Blondie and Bowie with Jagger lounging in the background. Playing the groove like a gas pedal, it idles at the right times and throttles slightly during the chorus. The song is a slow burn fueld by spurts of gasoline that revs enough to announce the arrival of Brion, with a wah tinged bass and sonic bliss slamming the door shut just to turn some heads. This is a party in audio.

About Brion Starr & ‘Morning Light’

Brion Starr lives and works in New York City, joined by a group of foreign and domestic collaborators.

Their latest album A Night To Remember is a meditation on night itself, a spinning sci-fantasy through this future darkness we all contemplate, a journey to the end of the night told as a story of one evening in an internationalist future city with no up and no down, no beginning and no end. Passing through the seedy clubs, with all their trappings, are you being followed ? Have you lost your mind ? Blackout and wake on a train. Is this a dream ? We are nocturnal. There’s fire in the streets. The first tier look down on your. So find the ones you love and hold them tight. Yes, the kind of night where you land right where you’re meant to be.

Recorded at the Chateau d’Herouville and produced by Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex, Sparks)

Starr’s current collaborators include Jaie Gonzalez (Splashh), Hayden Tobin (Hanni El Khatib), Pete Sustarsic (Public Access TV), James Hurst (Beach Party), Ben McConnel (Beach House), Grace Kennedy, Charlie Sands, and composer Nigel Wilson.

Today, NYC-based rocker Brion Starr – otherwise known as musician Brian Hill – has shared the piano-driven, glam-infused lead single and opening track, “Morning Light,” from the upcoming album A Night to Remember. The album – produced by the legendary sonic mastermind Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex, Sparks) – marks Starr’s first music since the release of his 2020 sophomore effort, the aptly-titled 2020. Out October 1st via Taxi Gauche Records, A Night to Remember will be available as a 12” gatefold vinyl, CD, tape and digitally. Pre-order and pre-save the album HERE.

Speaking on the origins of “Morning Light,” Starr writes: “This track was our first true experiment, basing the song around a groove I had built and exploring from there. Production wise, this entire record heavily utilizes synthesizers, every instrument is run through some sort of synthesis, including the live drums, guitars, vocals, etc. This song is about letting loose, forgetting about the stress of life, dancing and losing yourself to a party.”

Featured image by Edouard Plongeon.