Brophy’s Law is set to release their new single titled ‘Record Collector’ on September 11. Taken from the upcoming album ‘True Stories’ the album already sounds autobiographical by the sound of ‘Record Collector’. And that is the sign of a true band of troubadours. The kind that can take those stories and place them in memorable tracks that turn shared memories intor the next listening experience.

‘True Stories’ will be released on vinyl on 26th September. The album is full of songs that paint pictures of world travel, revelry, small-town England, record collecting, refugees, propaganda, vikings, lucky people, fishing & homecoming.

About Brophy’s Law

Brophy’s Law is a Celtic Alt-Rock outfit based in Copenhagen, but originally from England, Ireland, Scotland and Denmark. Neil Brophy writes music that draws influences from Billy Bragg & Bob Dylan’s singer-songwriter styles of social commentary, Shane McGowen’s Celtic Rock, a slice of Paul Weller with a touch of NMA.

‘Record Collector’ is a track about a young guy in a cult record shop and is the chosen lead single from forthcoming album ‘True Stories’.

Being one of John Peel Centre’s favorite acts, Brophy’s Law was asked to make a video for their venue funding event on the 30th August, which would have been John Peel’s 81st Birthday. Having just recorded it on location in a record shop called BEAT in Copenhagen, it will also be released on the 11th of September.

This particular version of the track starts with a strong Billy Bragg-esque social commentary twist kicking into a punchy Paul Weller / Jam chorus. It’s got a real 80’s vibe about it. A catchy reflective story of a teenager spending all of his pocket money on a Saturday morning in Northampton’s old record shop ‘Memory Lane’ (RIP).

‘Neil Brophy is one of the unsung heroes of music. With his thoughtful lyrics, he should be recognized as one of our foremost singer-songwriters. His new album ‘True Stories’ is his best work yet. It contains his cult classic ‘Record Collector’ a must-listen for vinyl fans. Top Class!’ says Graham Jones, author of ‘Last Shop Standing’, ‘The Vinyl Revival’ and ‘The Shops That Made it Happen’