Poptastically brilliant with a touch of sheer musical genius is what French electro-pop outfit Caesaria deliver with their new single “Wavin’ Goodbye”. The song soars right out of the gate with an unbridled intro-hook that leaves the listener wanting for more, and it gives it. Well thought out and creatively constructed, “Wavin’ Goodbye” gives the dance floor purpose and the beat meaning. Bravo!

Caesaria artwork for Wavin' Goodbye
Caesaria artwork for Wavin’ Goodbye

About Caesaria
Caesaria draws its origins from the new English-rock wave. Armed with their punchy electro-pop music, the band had already raised interest in 2015 with its first EP Sparks of visions.

Caesaria’s music is a playground for dancing and dynamic experimentations, they mix the vocal harmonies of a devilishly efficient pop-music with more recent electronic sounds brilliantly.

Powerful guitar riffs add the cherry on top to this savant mixture: the crowd wants more.

Fiery and simply mind-blowing, the four French « kids », led by the label from Strasbourg Try & Dye Records, continue to play in festivals, for musical springboards and as prime parts, attracting after each gig new enthusiasts that are caught by an unstoppable need to dance their hips off.

Caesaria’s burning and contagious energy on stage is illustrated by their victories in many musical springboards (RTL2 in 2015, Music on Stage and Printemps des grandes écoles in 2016).

It has led the inexhaustible band to play on several big stages such as doing Naive New Beaters’s first part (La Laiterie – Strasbourg), Printemps de Bourges’s festival or les Eurockeennes de Belfort, pursuing the universal and timeless goal : to make bodies shake.

On Wavin’ Goodbye, the band said:

“This song is a story about a dying person who stands back on his life. He puts in perspective what he did, look at the others in the way they act and realize that they do not enjoy life as they should. It’s a pretty sad song but the message is to celebrate life as long as you can. The music video spreads this message by focusing on a transsexual. We wanted to give another perspective to this message and show that some people start a new life in their lifetime, such as transsexuals”.