1. It’s Not Goodbye (To Those We Left Behind) Campfire Social 3:37

Campfire Social are set to drop their new single titled ‘It’s Not Goodbye (To Those We Left Behind)’ on February 19th.

A good song is one that keeps you interested beyond that initial listen. That is what you get with ‘It’s Not Goodbye (To Those We Left Behind)’ with a solid hook and all of those interesting little things musically happening in the background with subtle horns and varied guitars. But, the real magic is that this is a song that could easily be performed a capella and be just as recognizable. Campfire Social will be known for their songwriting as much as their signature style and performance. Mark my words.

About Campfire Social

Formed 2016 in North Wales/Chester UK Indie-pop collective; Campfire Social craft a dynamically rich sound bursting with bright harmonies carefully layered over hypnotic melodies. Their honest approach echoes a love of 90’s/early 00’s ‘heart-on-sleeve’ emo culture. At times sobering, a hopeful message prevails; we’re better together.

The personal therapeutic act of turning actual feelings into song and the need to express said feelings is really what drives the band. Pushing the boundaries of genre, creating music to best emphasize the themes & lyrical content of the songs; finding ways to convey difficult emotions (usually those kept hidden from themselves) in a way that everyone can relate to.

The band have often been compared to Death Cab For Cutie, Frightened Rabbit and The Weakerthans but their biggest inspirations are mewithoutYou, The Beach Boys and The Get up Kids.