1. This One Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew, Baja Frequencia feat. CW Jones & Illaman 3:26

Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew, Baja Frequencia drop another soul bomb with the help of CW Jones & Illaman titled ‘This One’. Taking a drastic redirection from the last single we reviewed (The Drop, link HERE), this lovely crew of superstars paints a different sonic canvas with lush sounds and an almost soothing way about it that can’t be denied, in fact, it must be recognized. recognized as a new direction for hip-hop away from that self-grandeur and more of a way of the heart, telling us that we’re all special. This track is brilliant.

About ‘This One’

We are thrilled to announce the next single ‘This One’ by Chinese Man, Baja Frequencia, and Scratch Bandits Crew. ‘This One’ is the next offering ahead of the new release ‘Groove Sessions 5’ dropping 21st February 2020. The track invites UK artists CW Jones and Illaman for a trip-hop ballad inspired by prolific composer Steve Waring.

On a Banjo loop filled with melancholy, the collection reveals a new facet of their album, after the first explosive extract ‘The Drop’. This One weaves between hip-hop, trip-hop, and a somewhat stripped back soulful/acoustic feel with a Banjo!

The whole vibe of this track is undeniably unique!

Chinese Man : https://CMR.lnk.to/ChineseMan
Scratch Bandits Crew : https://CMR.lnk.to/ScratchBanditsCrew
Baja Frequencia : https://CMR.lnk.to/BajaFrequencia