Common Jack scores a beautiful soliloquy in the form of his lead single titled ‘Viñales’, from his EP ‘Canyons in the Dark’. Viñales is a small town on the island of Cuba and, while we all have a place that becomes close to our hearts because of a wonderful memory or experience, Common Jack found inspiration on his trip to Cuba. Enough so to write a lush and memorable soundtrack. The track is layer upon layer of subtle sonic serenity done in a way that only a true songwriter can envision and execute. While remaining calm and serene within the musical boundaries of the song there is also a poetic scoper achieved with Jack’s soulful croon and weaving of words. Viñales is now a mindset.

About Viñales
The lead single from Common Jack’s new EP, ‘Canyons in the Dark’, is called Viñales. The story of a trip to Cuba, Viñales presents itself on the surface as a breezy, hook-filled love song. While those elements are certainly present, the song uses the love story to explore how traveling helps us confront the ways in which our worldviews are narrow and incomplete. The lyric “all the way out here, you could almost start forgetting things are not as they appear” is less of a psychedelic reference to a vague feeling that it is a frank observation that we tend to create realities from our limited personal experiences.

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