Craig Irving finally steps out into his own in earnest with his new single titled ‘Heart’. If this track is but a preview of what Craig is capable of then he has a fan for life here at Jammerzine. Truly, his composition of the music and his heartfelt vocals combine to make that beautiful moment when a song becomes that perfect memory and lasts in your mind long after you’ve heard it. What sticks out to me, as a musician, is how thought out and creative the guitars are in ‘Heart’. They linger as an alternate melody at times and really add to the flavor of the song. Simply beautiful.

About Craig Irving
Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands, Craig Irving spent his formative year’s lending guitar and vocals to some of Scotland’s top folk acts, culminating in the winning of a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award with the trio Talisk and multiple worldwide tours with six-piece Gaelic band Mànran.

2019 sees Irving moving towards Indie Pop/Rock and the release of his debut single “Heart”.

SOURCE: Official Bio